Constans Financial Services endeavors to build lasting and meaningful relationships with its valued clientele. The dynamic era we live in requires financial advisory practices to be nimble and versatile in order to match the ever-evolving needs of demanding millennial professionals with increasingly sophisticated product offerings from a growing number of niche product providers.

Whether you’re a talented young graduate with a need for a comprehensive yet bespoke wealth-generating solution, an esteemed entrepreneur requiring a tailor made investment and/or risk management strategy, a discerning established professional requiring comprehensive retirement planning, or a distinguished retiree demanding optimal asset performance to generate a sustainable retirement income - we fundamentally understand the sacrifices you made to achieve your success and can therefore assist and guide you in the process of implementing the most appropriate wealth strategy.

Our History

Dup Venter“During my career in the insurance industry (1980-2003) and more specifically various business insurance lines at Old Mutual, the financial services landscape in South Africa experienced rapid and extensive changes. These changes weren’t limited to the financial services sector and could be felt across all spheres of society - an environment in which new ideas could flourish dawned. As is the case for any intensified industry-related regulatory changes, the speedy evolution of the financial services sector lead to unforeseen crises - and subsequent opportunities.

After 23 years in the profession, I was ready to pursue these opportunities and subsequently acquired an ABSA brokers franchise in the Western Cape - Constans Financial Services (Pty) Ltd. is born and a dream is realised in the process. The franchise rapidly expanded to over 50 advisers during its founding two years, and I subsequently sold the franchising rights and its intellectual property in 2007 and Constans Financial Services as an entity subsequently evolved into a completely independent wealth advisory practice.”

In 2011, a vastly experienced Fanie van Wyk (Director and Key Individual) joined Constans Financial Services and in doing so he greatly enhanced the overall practice value proposition by increasing its product and servicing capabilities across the financial needs spectrum.

When translated from Latin, the word Constans can be interpreted as "steady, firm, unchanging, constant and/or unwavering" - the compass has been extensively employed as part of the Constans Creed since 2003 and is symbolic of the organisation’s values which today is firmly embedded and passionately embraced by our representatives and evident in their ongoing efforts to firmly place the interests of our valued clients above all other variables. The steadfast and stable working environment nurtured by Constans Financial Services is conducive to promoting a backdrop against which the ever changing and increasingly dynamic client needs can be met with unrivaled integrity, passion and industry experience".

“Videmus novum horizon" - We see a new horizon.

Dup Venter
Founder and Director



Our Process

The value proposition offered by Constans Financial Services pivots around two core processes, the first being independence in its purest form: We firmly believe that unbiased advice can only be provided where financial incentives and product provider barriers are removed completely from the list of variables to be considered in the implementation of alternative solutions. Secondly, we are firm advocates of the systematic migration of the industry away from sales-led to ongoing service-based relationships with our clients. Constans has crafted this value proposition over nearly two decades and continually strives towards perfecting its process against the ever changing and evolving financial industry backdrop.




Constans Financial Services (Pty) Ltd is an authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP no. 30445) licensed with the Financial Services Board. The information contained on this website, including attachments, is not to be construed as advice in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37 of 2002.

All information and opinions provided are of a general nature and are not intended to address the circumstances any particular individual or entity. No one should act upon such information or opinion without appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of a particular situation.


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