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Bun Booyens Loubser
Financial Advisor

Somerset West


Mobile: 081 770 4570
Office: 087 808 4411



Bun is a Matie alumnus and proud Dagbreker. He is passionate about endurance sports, including mountain biking, trail running and triathlons. He holds a B.Com degree with majors in Marketing Management, Investment Management, Financial Planning as well as Taxation.

He started his career as an Investment Specialist at PPS Investments and later transitioned into marketing and business development role at PPS Insurance Company, focusing on the young professional market segment. It was during these years that he realised the potential of this market segment, but more importantly his deeply vested passion in assisting young professionals to make their best, and often most influential long-term financial decisions, before entering the competitive corporate landscape.

Bun decided to let his entrepreneurial-spirit take charge midway through 2014 and started Grad Wealth, a career development and marketing services provider aimed at helping young professionals be the best they can be before leaving tertiary institutions for the real adult world. More importantly, he wanted to become an independent Wealth Practitioner assisting professionals in correctly structuring their financial affairs in order to maximise efficiency and to drive specific outcome-based results.

He aims to work with these sought after individuals, building relationships based on trust, values and mutual respect. "The outcome for our clients is a significantly higher chance of achieving their financial ambitions during later relevant stages of their lives and this includes guidance in respect of making the right tactical decions throughout — to enjoy the lifestyle they envisioned as young graduates transitioning through various but equally important life stages."





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Dup Venter CFP®



Mobile: 082 467 1707




In 1980, Dup started his career on the Management scheme at the Head Office of Old Mutual. In 1982, he was promoted to a managerial position in Johannesburg. In 1990, he was retransferred to Mutual Park as Manager: Marketing.

In 1999, he was appointed Area Manager of Old Mutual Boland. In 2003, and initially with an ABSA concession, Dup founded Constans Financial Services Pty Ltd, which he would subsequently establish as an independent financial services group. In 2014, Fanie van Wyk acquired a share of 50% in Constans to also become a director of the firm. Dup is also a shareholder and a director of Pay@ Pty Ltd.

He lives and works in Stellenbosch.








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Fanie Van Wyk CFP®



Office: 021 905 9852



Fanie started in the industry as a full-time representative with Old Mutual in October 1991. During 1999, he was promoted to sales manager in Stellenbosch.

He studied at the University of Stellenbosch and obtained the BA (Hons) degree in 1984. He later obtained a certificate in Estate Administration at UNISA.

He served as director of the LUASA (Life Underwriters Association of South Africa) Board from 2002 and was elected president of the board at the beginning of 2008. After the merger with the FIA (Financial Intermediaries Association), he served as one of the two vice-presidents of the FIA Board of Directors. Fanie represented the FIA Western Cape Division on the Financial Planning Exco.

In 2003, Fanie was one of the founders and directors of Finfocus Financial Planners (Pty) Ltd.

He joined Constans Financial Services (Pty) Ltd at the beginning of November 2011 as Financial Adviser and his office is in Saxenburg, Blackheath.

Fanie is a CFP® or Certified Financial Planner practitioner. He is a member of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI), a professional body that supports the advancement and extension of the profession and offers continuous professional instruction to financial advisers. As CFP® practitioner, he strives towards professionalism, and to comply with the ethical code of the FPI.


Eunice van Wyk: Practice manager

Bernadette Henry: Personal assistant

Aletta Swart: Learner Financial Planner

Lindy Wilson: Short-term insurance and Medical Aid





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Gert Minnie
Financial Advisor



Office:  021 905 9852



Gert started his career in the Financial Services industry as a trainee admin manager with Old Mutual in February 1991. During his tenure as admin manager from 1991 to 2002, he was transferred and promoted eight times until he became the sales support manager at Private Wealth Management, a new business venture of Old Mutual in the Affluent market. Gert then decided to become a sales representative at Old Mutual in 2002. In 2003, Gert joined ABSA Data Broker as a financial adviser until the middle of 2008. He then joined Legacy Financial Services as a Momentum Franchisee, extending his knowledge base even further as a financial adviser.

This led to Gert's moving to Momentum Financial Planning for a brief period before he joined forces with Constans Financial Services (Pty) Ltd in 2011. Gert attended the Cape Technicon from 1988 till 1990 where he obtained a National Diploma in Personnel Management and since then he has attended and completed numerous specific financial industry courses related to a variety of industry and financial planning related subjects. Gert joined Constans Financial Services (Pty) Ltd at the beginning of July 2011 as a financial adviser and his office is located in Saxenburg, Blackheath. Gert is an RFP (Registered Financial Planner) practitioner.

Gert supports the principles of the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa, a professional industry body that aims to promote and build the profession and to provide ongoing training to financial advisers. As RFP practitioner, he strives to maintain professionalism and to comply with the ethical codes of the industry at all times.





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Ruan Stander CFP®
Financial Advisor

Somerset West


Mobile: 084 236 3917
Office: 087 808 4411



Ruan showed keen interest in a career in financial services as a teenager and decided to study towards this profession accordingly. For his undergraduate studies, he completed a bachelors degree in Financial Planning at Stellenbosch University, double majoring in Financial Planning and Investment Management. It was also during his years as a Matie student that Ruan and Bun became acquainted.

In 2014 Ruan enrolled at the University of Stellenbosch Business School and completed his post graduate diploma in Financial Planning whilst in the full time employment of a reputable Stellenbosch-based financial advisory firm. After successfully completing his board and regulatory exams in February of 2015, Ruan (then 22) became the youngest Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) in South Africa.

Ruan speedily developed a passion and preference to work with other young professionals like him, and one evening, shortly after Bun had successfully launched Grad Wealth, their paths crossed again in Stellenbosch at a social event. Not long after this engagement, their paths finally converged when they decided to open a new franchise of Constans Financial Services in Somerset West, and the rest is history.

"We’re not living in the 1900's anymore. Today you can get paid to post a picture on Instagram, you can start a business by obtaining capital through crowd funding, and if you’re in South Africa – you can probably do just about anything with the carte blanche we have for startups. Whether you’re planning to start your own business or professional practice, or grinding through the ranks at a big corporate, you need a modern and dynamic financial strategy, because that’s exactly what times are: Ever-changing."

“During my previous employment at a boutique Stellenbosch-based asset management firm, we had the pleasure of having the brilliant businessman Mr. G.T. Ferreira as our neighbour and during a sit-down discussion one day he said something that ever since gave me a better fundamental understanding of the word “risk”. “The difference between the wealthy and the ultra wealthy, is that the ultra wealthy take calculated risks, but risks never the less.” This perspective has since motivated Ruan to serve his clients to the best of his ability and also to help them avoid the wrong risks, but also to motivate them to take it in their stride to pursue the right ones.







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